7 thoughts on “My New View….from my School House Studio

  1. Maria, the potholder arrived. Thank you so much; I just love it.
    When I see the beauty outside of your new School House Studio, I understand even more how much you love the farm and the inspiration it gives you each and everyday.
    I am thankful to read how well the farm held up under Sandy Storm. I hope the animals did well too; looking at Jon’s photos, it seems as if the donkeys weathered the storm beautifully. How did the darling chicken coop hold up?
    Take care. Stay well, warm and toastie with your loved ones (both two and four footed).

  2. A beautiful view, Maria. I would never get any work done if this distraction greeted me every morning. I especially like the gnarly outlines of the trees and the way you’ve centered the birdbath in the exact center of the three sections of window pane. Wishing you much happiness in your new home.

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