Pillow Cases/Bathroom Curtains

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My pillow case curtains

I was going through my last box of fabric to put on my new shelves in my studio when I came across some white pillow cases with blue embroidered edges.  I had them a long time and never used them, so I was going to use the white fabric as scrap fabric behind my stitched pieces. ( I use it as a buffer between the machine and batting so the fabric moves more easily)  But before putting them in my scrap box, I got the idea that they would make nice curtains.   We needed a curtain for the bathroom and I’ve been trying to come up with a color that would work. These seemed perfect and would be easy to make into curtains.

I just cut  a hole on each side of the bottom of the pillow case for the curtain rod to go through then stitched a seam about and inch down.  I washed them hung them up.  I used three pillow cases,  and because they are a double thickness you can’t see through them, good for a bathroom.  The easiest curtains I ever made.


11 thoughts on “Pillow Cases/Bathroom Curtains

  1. THAT is Brilliant!!! I have some old embroidered pillow cases that I did not want to use on the bed!! Again you come up with the best idea!! Thank you! XOXOXO

  2. Too funny, I did the same thing with curtains my grandmother crocheted. They are hanging in our bathroom. I used paper clips and slipped them on a rod, woola. Great minds etc. etc.

  3. Love using pillowcases as curtains for bathrooms. I have made them too. the embroidery on the bottom is so nice. They look lovely, and what a good use for them in your new home!

  4. Love the curtains, you are so very clever! I think I may copy your idea in the very near future. I have some beautiful old pillow cases that I didn’t know what to do with and now you’ve given me a great idea. Thank you!

  5. Great idea! I’ll have to remember this the next time I need cafe curtains. Not always easy to find interesting, inexpensive curtains but embroidered pillowcases work! Thanks for the tip, Maria!

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