Common Thread Give-a-way is back on Monday

Nancy’s necklace that Tess tried to eat

This is the necklace that my sheep Tess tried to eat.  “Of course she did” my friend Jenna said, it looks like candy”.   There it is, that thing again about seeing everything as food.  I was working at a museum where we were exhibiting Edward Albee Art Collection.  One piece looked like those egg white Italian cookies,  except they were gigantic, three of them in a row.  I hung them on the wall, but I every time  I looked at them I got a craving for those Italian cookies.

Anyway, you can’t eat Nancy’s jewelry but you do have a chance of winning a piece of it this Monday.  It’s our second Common Thread Give-a-way.  This Monday Nancy will be posting a photo of the  Lampwork bead jewelry  on her website that she will be giving away.  The contest runs for 3 days and on Thursday morning she will be announcing he winner on her site.   All you have to do is leave a comment on her website mentioning the contest.  I’ll announce the contest here again on Monday too.

Before meeting Nancy I had never heard of Lampwork beads.  I’ve never seen her make her beads, but I know she uses a tiny torch and melts glass into all kinds of colorfully shaped beads, then hangs and stings them using silver, or waxed cord.  You can read more about Nancy, her work and her creative process here

Nancy made these earrings for me when we moved into our new house. She made them blue in honor or Florence and her blue glass collection

5 thoughts on “Common Thread Give-a-way is back on Monday

  1. Maria,

    How you take me back. Love those cookies. My great-aunt Jenny called them dead man’s bones. I haven’t had them since I was a kid.

    Please enter my name to win the gorgeous necklas.


    Janet Rock

  2. re: the Edward Albee egg white Italian cookies, do you mean meringues?
    They are delicious. 🙂
    The blue earrings were such a thoughtful gift.

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