Thanks for all your comments  on yesterdays post about Rocky.  They were overwhelmingly supportive and even those that questioned the process, were thoughtful not angry.   I appreciate your trust and openness.


5 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Just wanted to say the few times that animals talked to me it was just like you said with Rocky. The words are just suddenly in your head. You just have to figure out, is he saying being attacked he is too old for or dealing with life. You have to open yourself up enough to learn the truth. Thirty four is old for a horse but I’ve seen a number of ponies living to almost fifty. I feel for you and Jon having to make a very personal decision in the public eye. You will be judged. I could give you lots of advise but I won’t. You and Jon can decide what you feel you need to do.
    Hope to make it to your show, if I have time in between the agility trial.

    Audrey McKay

  2. Maria, wishing you and Jon, including the farm animals, the very best! Also, i am interested in purchasing your “my center is strong” piece. Thanks for what you do! 🙂

  3. I know what you heard was Rocky’s voice. That is how it happens. They don’t seem to be words you would use or think most of the time, and they just come in quickly before you have time to think. He knows you and Jon Love him. I send my Love and healing energy to you, Jon and Rocky…Love, mare

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