Words Words

Words Words…

I made this potholder last week at the end of the day.  Once again the words were circling around in my head and just needed to come out.

words words come at the end of the day
they come to torture me and to play
they turn into pictures
then fly away

After making it, I truly wondered if anyone out there would be able to connect with it, if it would have meaning for anyone else but me, so here it is and let me know if you feel the need.

Words Words is for sale  Sold (in case you really connect with it) for $20 + $4 shipping.  You can email me here or at [email protected].

6 thoughts on “Words Words

  1. Your lucky that they fly away. Words carry weight.
    I will connect with a pothold that has donkey words or dog words. How about it?

  2. Maria:I just read your words on Loving Rocky, I couldn’t finish all the posts because there were just too many words. I don’t know why you two do this?
    Rocky’s words will come through. You came there to listen.

  3. Hi Maria,
    I don’t suppose I’m the lucky one who spoke first for this potholder. In case I am, though, I’m ready to process a payment.
    If I am not, do you do commissioned pieces? Also, can you use any fabric scraps? I have a bunch I’ll never use.
    Thank you for your art and for sharing your life with us.

    1. I’m sorry Julie, someone else got to it first. And thanks for the offer, but my studio is full right now, I just got another bag of fabric today from a friend. and email me about the idea of commissions. I’d be glad to chat about it.

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