Chicken Truth

The chickens hang out right outside my studio window for much of the day.  It’s warm and there’s lots of leaves to dig through and they catch what drops from the bird feeder.  What I’ve noticed about them is that they just keep at it. “It” being what chickens do.  They seem totally true to themselves and completely in the moment.  When we first got these chickens I thought they were kinda dumb, now I’m contemplating the idea that they’re really very spiritual being.

So between thinking about Rocky and the ideas of knowing verses believing  and watching the chickens, this is what came out of me today.

Do you think you know better than me what’s in my heart
What do I know?
Lessons from the Moon
Chicken Truth

Love Sneaks in The backdoor and carries Me Home


7 thoughts on “Chicken Truth

  1. This is a beautiful and heartfelt piece. It truly speaks what’s going on for you. Thinking of you with positive thoughts. Chris

  2. Oh, Maria, I immediately heard this sad, soft tune in my mind when I read your words, “do you think you know?” I heard that wistful song Diana Ross sang so many years ago, “do you know. . . where you’re going to. . . do you like the things that life is showing you? do you know??” Maybe this link will copy –

    I do so believe you hold the lovely truth for yourself and Jon in your heart – you know where ‘you’re’ going to, and the wonderful and sometimes difficult things life is showing you, – you know. and will continue to know, and Rocky, he has experienced more love and hands on loving in these last couple of months as you and Jon have given him your hours, hands on!, love, and days of attention. These gifts have been absorbed into his very being as surely as every handful of hay and will go with him to a sweet and bright place, as you have already envisioned. Be well, Maria. With love, Susan

  3. My thought on Rocky is that another winter for him sounded horrible. Winter is so hard on older animals. Helping him to go to a much better place is the kindest act, not easy for you though, not easy at all. Peace and Love.

  4. Thinking about Rocky…Maria, you have given great love and gentle care to Rocky in his old age. You will be there with him at the end, both physically and emotionally. He is very lucky to have had you and Jon in his life. My heart is with you all.

  5. When I was 12 years old, the local feed store gave away 12 checks with the agreement you gave back three at the end of three months. I kept them for a long time in our backyard. When I would come near, they would squat down because they knew I would pick them up and pet them. I use to sell eggs to our neighbors. One Christmas, a swedish grandfather in our neighbor who always bought eggs, gave me a box of chocolates wrapped with a big red bow. My first chocolates!

    i think chickens are very wise and they love to converse with you if you use their language, but I can”t tell what they are saying. They do, though, have ideas, if only we could decipher them….cynthia

  6. This is what I do – I give my animals the best possible life. Good food, clean water , appropriate shelter, plenty of hands on love, exercise, and veterinary care when necessary. Then when that dreaded day comes and it’s time to say goodbye – and I always know, as do they — I hug them , thank them, and with a wail and tears pouring down, I send them on their way. It’s always the same – and afterwards I have no regrets.

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