9 thoughts on “Donkeys Out My Window

  1. I love this picture! Aren’t the donkeys in the skid barn that is supposed to be for the sheep? I guess this is what we call sharing.
    The view from your window is another look into the Peaceable Kingdom.
    There is something sweet, serene and gentle in this photo.
    Enjoy the day. I guess the cold weather is coming your way so bundle up, keep warm and love the special world in which you live.

  2. Okay. Which donkey is in the barn? I am always trying to figure out which is Lulu, Fanny and Simon. Just when I think I have it, turns out I am wrong! :).

  3. Maria,

    I have been following Jon’s and your sight for many years. I know how hard a decision this is for both of you and i respect that. At the end of the day, we have to live with ourselves and do what our hearts indicate to be the right path. We all love Rocky and need to accept what is best for him. He is very fortunate to have you both at this time in his life so that when he goes he will be comforted and surrounded by love. Thank you for sharing Rocky with us and may love prevail.

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