Potholders Waiting to Happen

The scraps of fabric waiting to be potholders

A neighbor had a friend who was in her 90’s and recently passed away.  As she helped clean out her friends apartment she came across  a bunch of old fabric and thought of me.  In the bag were a few pieces that just called out potholders!   I always feel like I get to know the person whose fabric I’m using even if they are no longer with us and I’ve never met them.  And I like making a piece or more out of their fabric, feels like an homage to them, a way of keeping their memory alive.

A cold and windy day with sporadic snow flurries, (first of the season) I realized I would need storm windows for the studio.  I was going to just put up plastic, but Ben said he could make them quick and cheap.  But for today I put on my hat scarf and fingerless gloves and got to work.     I used some of my fabric when needed, but most of it came from the pile above.  This is what I came up with so far:


4 thoughts on “Potholders Waiting to Happen

  1. I really love these, Maria, especially the effect created by the blue/white/pink diamond fabric. Thinking about you and Jon a lot this week and sending you peace and soothing thoughts. There is the most wonderful healing property in working with fabric and color. My go to place so often.

  2. These potholders will be wonderful Maria! I love the colors…Little quilts in potholder form….I hope all is well…Stay warm my friend. Love, mare

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