Chickens love the sawdust

I got to watch the chickens from my window scratching around the sawdust from Ben’s circular saw.  He made the frames for my storm windows today.   Over the weekend Jon and I will paint them and I’ll put the glass in and glaze them.  It’s supposed to get warm, a good day for the job.  There’s only 6 windows, with 2 pieces of glass each, so it shouldn’t take too long.  Glazing windows isn’t my favorite thing to do on the weekend but I’m  just grateful to have storm windows.


6 thoughts on “Chickens love the sawdust

  1. I’m having a harder time eating chicken since getting familiar with yours. I’ve always liked them since gathering eggs as a child with Grandma on the Iowa farm. Now, eggs I love to eat.

  2. Bless you for the wonderful care you took of Rocky. You surrounded him with your good energy and it was apparent Rocky so enjoyed your spirit. My thoughts are with you, Jon and Red. A peaceful farewell to Rocky the spirit pony.

  3. Just curious – why do you think the chickens were attracted to the sawdust?

    I’m glad you’re cozying up the studio with storm windows!

  4. I think you will see the shadow of Rocky out your window glass as long as you are at the New Bedlam Farm. What you did for him was a coronation of his life as ruler of his pasture. You brought him such comfort and then it was his time to move on. Memories of your hands brushing him will translate into an artform I am sure. My warm feelings to you both.

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