A Leaf in my Shoe

End of the day potholder A Leaf in my Shoe

The sun finally left my window so I tied back the make shift curtain (a really neat wrap-around skirt with dragons on it) so I could see out of it.  The wind was blowing and the temperature was dropping.

The cat ran past my studio and under the gate into the pasture. I didn’t have my glasses on, and she was far away, but the color was the same as Mother and the way she ran close to the ground was the same as Mother.   I was out of my chair and through the door, not bothering to close it or put my shoes on.  I followed her through the gate and into the pasture calling her name.

The cat was in the pole barn, not Mother (my heart sank) but a cat with similar colors except a tabby with rings around her tail. Maybe the cat from the barn we took down? I only saw her once before.  The cat ran away before I could get any closer.  I went back to my studio disappointed, and once inside (I don’t know why) I put my shoes on and realized I had carried in a leaf on the bottom of my sock.  I left it there, between sock and shoe, then wrote this:

the wind blew me empty
the sun warmed my heart
there’s a leaf in my shoe
so I know I’m never alone.

23 thoughts on “A Leaf in my Shoe

  1. What a beautiful piece ! What will the finished product be ? It really makes me laugh out loud because I am forever going outside in just my socks and coming back in with leaves , little sticks , grass and such. No matter how cold when the sun is out I have to just stand in it a few moments and absorb it’s warmth. Sorry it wasn’t Mother as I am sure you miss your time with her. Never lose hope for her , I once had a cat that disappeared & we scoured the neighborhood looking for her for days . Our utility room was outside , about 3 months later when I went out to do laundry, I opened the door and there she was meowing at me !as if she had never left.

  2. I love this potholder, Maria. It’s really nice! I’m hoping you will be inspired to create one with your girl as an artist/painter. I would love that. Can I commission you?

    Let me know when this one becomes available. I may want it, too.

  3. I can only imagine what you were feeling when you thought it was Mother. I wish it had been Mother too. I don’t know her, but through yours and John’s words and pictures, I feel like I do. I love that potholder. Maria – how would I go about ordering some potholders? I got some when you and Jon were in VT maybe two or so years ago (I remember meeting you, your Mom, Izzy, and Jon). I use my potholders almost every night. It took me a while to be “ok” with using them as I didn’t want to get them dirty. Now they are the only ones I reach for… they remind me of the beautiful day in VT with my family and meeting “The Katzes” and that makes me happy.

  4. I love this. It so much of what is in my heart. The emptiness the wind brings, the warmth of the sun and the thought of not being alone. Have you sold this already Maria? I would love to have it if you haven’t.
    I think it touched my heart because lately I feel the sense of loneliness. Fortunately, my three unique dogs fill my heart, offer me company and entertain me with their antics.
    You and Jon offer so many ideas that fill my mind with thoughts that are welcome ideas. Often, I want to sit down and write, but feel my words would fill up so many pages that I’d be writing for hours. Perhaps some day I will.
    The farm is really taking shape. It is so much a part of the two of you and it reflects that in the warmth of the colors you choose and the things that you do. Enjoy your day.
    Jane Mintz

  5. Hello…may I say that your work is REALLY EXPLODING on the screen with both your skill and unique “HAPPY” colors coming at us LOUD and VERY CLEAR!!!? WONDERFUL photos!!! THANK YOU for posting STRONG art!!
    May I also comment that your work SHOUTS OUT, “LEADERSHIP!” YES!!
    For TOO MANY years, I thought that I had a strong identity…BUT!!!
    Just by chance ,I ordered by mail the book, BOUNDARIES, WHEN to say YES,
    When to say NO, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.
    I SWEAR by all sincerity that after reading just the first page, I
    I TRUTHFULLY did not realize HOW FAR OFF I,very subtly, had been “FORMED” by society into a mere shadow of MY REAL STRONG, INDEPENDENT, and JOYFUL self that I had enjoyed in grade school, high school,and college
    ….then, “WHAM!” I HAD BOUGHT INTO EXACTLY WHAT the so-called “culture” had PROGRAMMED me and other women to be….
    Jon Katz can probably identify with THAT ugly truth also.
    After reading the BOUNDARIES book, I could HOLD UP MY OWN HEAD and NOT ONLY think clearly but ACT accordingly, to KNOW JUST WHAT WAS in my mind and.. IN MY HEART…and MY OWN TRUE IDENTITY!!
    The “MESSY GUFF” from/of society’s “enforcement” fell off.
    Ms. Wulf, you write VERY WELL and your quests for validation come
    through the airwaves. THIS IS REAL TALENT, also!
    THANK YOU for sharing stories from your complex journey. YES!
    INDEED! YOU are A LEADER!!!!! Samantha Stein

  6. I have a missing cat too, so I can totally relate to your eagerness that Mother might have returned. I almost picked someone elses cat up the street from me the other day, thinking it was my cat Emmi…until the cat meowed…then I realized it wasn’t her. It was a little bit of a stab in the heart.

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