Zelda in the Buff

Zelda, with or without her jacket,  is always watching

As you can see from this photo, Zelda is not wearing her sheep suit.  It took her not even a whole day to get her leg caught in the neck hole.  Luckily I noticed it and we got her leg back where it belonged and I put some extra stitches in her jacket to make it a bit tighter.

A few hours later, Jon came to my studio and told me that Zelda was stuck in her sheep suit.   I went into the pasture and saw that she had somehow gotten both her back legs out of the straps and the suit was hanging around her neck with her front leg stuck in the strap for the back leg.  I walked to her speaking softly and she stumbled towards me.  She was very patient and trusting as I got her leg unstuck and lifted the sheep suit over her head.  All the “big old basting ” stitches were blown out.

That was enough for me.  If Zelda doesn’t want to wear her sheep suit, Zelda doesn’t have to wear her sheep suit.  Seeing what happened to her, I was tempted to free the rest of the sheep from their suits.  But when I looked at them grazing comfortably in their jackets, not trying to take them off,  I could see that what  Zelda did isn’t the norm. The other sheep are behaving like sheep, I think Zelda might be part donkey.


27 thoughts on “Zelda in the Buff

  1. I’m so happy that you decided to go with Zelda’s decision about her suit. I would do exactly what you have done. Apparently Zelda is her own sheep. Safety over cleanliness for sure. Maybe next year.

  2. Zelda B. Thoreau—marching to the beat of her own drum! After all she is the ONLY one who dares to stand out in a flock. Go girl ^+^

  3. Hi Maria,
    I loved the Zelda Shenanigans ! She was able to tangle herself up in every way possible. Telling you loud and clear she “ain’t wearing no damn sheep coat”. So so funny and lovely from my perspective. Then again, I’m not trying to keep her beautiful wool half way clean so I can spin it. I have a good friend who has a good friend who has a large herd of sheep and her dogs, and who has quite a good business spinning and weaving her own wool. She lives in Mi and if you are interested in sharing information with her let me know.


  4. I just laughed out loud (very loudly) at my desk while reading this. Hope I don’t get called to the “principal’s” office. Maria – your sense of humor is great!

  5. This made me laugh out loud! I love the story ~ and I think the sheep look adorable in their little jackets. It so reminds me of Shaun in the Wallace & Gromit claymation videos ~ he got a sweater made from his wool to keep him warm. (I do know the jackets are to keep them clean!)

    Anyway, I love Zelda’s independent spirit, and it seems you do too! 🙂

  6. Maria, time to get to work on those jackets with your nimble sewing fingers. Who knows, you may be selling sheep suits along with potholders.

  7. Dear Maria,
    I think Zelda’s spirit is in her name. We have a tiger cat named Zelda, and she is very much her own “person” just as your Zelda is. The kids told me that the name is about a princess warrior, and our Zelda does seem to be “above it all” and when we don’t treat her differently she becomes a true warrior and attacks something, usually a quilt, rug or piece of furniture. I vowed I would never have a destructive cat, but that is only a small percentage of what she is. The other side of her has nestled right into my heart. I am trying to train her, but instead she has trained me to remove the good quilts from the beds and put a “dog proof” spread on the top of the sofa and cover my Vacation Chair with a soft, plush blanket that she kneads (needs) and won’t attack. Our Zelda is indeed the princess of our house and perhaps your Zelda is demanding a fur coat or merely collar and cuffs befitting her royalty?? 🙂

  8. Hello Maria. This story reminded me so much of one of my very favorite children’s book “Amos’ Sweater” by Janet Lunn. It’s about a grumpy sheep who is tired of giving up his wool. He ends up in a sweater with a few mishaps in between. Definitely worth checking out.

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