My new door

My storm windows and new insulated door (Ben just made it today, the opening was such an odd size and not close to square so it was easier for him to make a door rather than buy one and cut it down) are keeping me warm today. The old door didn’t close all the way and had no Doorknob. I stuffed fabric around it to keep the cold out and locked myself in with a hook and eye. My new door has a doorknob that locks and closes tight. Jon primed the outside of it to protect it from the rain and snow. Lucky me. I promised Frieda a treat if she would pose for a picture.

6 thoughts on “My new door

  1. See Maria, I try not to miss a trick. I am the official “Mrs.Kravitz” in my neck of the woods! Binoculars ever ready to grab on the kitchen counter!

  2. Love Freida, I had a dog named Arthur. Re: the dots above her they move with each expression? Does she frown when the wind and rain hits her eyes? and does she mind having the point on her head touched? Arthur hated it and he would look down and frown when the rain hit his eyelashes. Too funny.

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