Chicken’s don’t Lie

My first pillow made in my School House Studio “Chicken Truth” is sold.

Getting to watch the chickens from my studio window is a perk I wasn’t aware of when I moved in.  Mostly I see fleeting images from the corner of my eye.  They run back and forth from the coop to the wood shed as if they have very important business.  And I guess they do, the most important, finding food.  They often look comical and beautiful, curious and dumb. But they are what they are and they just are, that’s the honesty about them.  They don’t pretend. (like some animals, dogs, cats, and donkeys snuggling up for a treat etc. ).  Anyway, they inspire me to be true to who I am.  Chicken Truth, chickens don’t lie.

7 thoughts on “Chicken’s don’t Lie

  1. Chickens are always busy, they got shit to do! Free range chickens really seem to enjoy life… at least until a fox gets them.

  2. I love this pillow Maria. To see your animals out your window is such a great perk. I’m easily mesmerized by the busy and most serious turkeys or my neighbor’s outside/barn cat with his latest find. He makes a game of flipping a mole or chipmunk into the air and catching it.
    I think I see sweet Rocky behind the tree in this piece. Love it!

  3. I have chickens, too, Red Stars (Rhode Island Reds crossed with Leghorns; excellent layers, and hardy). I do enjoy watching them scurry about, but I never thought about them being just themselves, honest about who they are, very comfortable in their chicken skins,(or feathers!). I like that idea. Annie

  4. Maria, are you saving this pillow for the art show,or is it for sale now? I love it and would like to buy it.
    Jon’s photos and your description of the chickens make them so interesting and special. I once had a friend who had chickens and every day that I was there, I went into the coop and collected eggs.
    They are messy creatures, but fascinating to watch. Many years ago, when I was teaching , we raised chicks and ducks. The children loved watching them. We would even put the ducklings in a baby bathtub for an afternoon swim. They would follow us out to the tub,and we would put them in the water. It was such fun. Another time we raised crayfish. Each time, the children were responsible for what we were raising. For them, to see each stage of the development of the living things, was fascinating. The lights would go on in their eyes, the smiles would come and they would begin to see the world in a new light.
    It was a beautiful sight to see. Thank you for sharing your love for this world.

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