Back of Circles

  Remember Walking In Circles, the quilt I started in my old studio.  Well I began working on it again.  I have it laid out on my floor (had to move some things around to get it to fit in the space, as I said yesterday, I’m still shifting furniture)  and am starting to sew the backing together.    I had to get out my old Singer out, it’s pretty simple compared to my Brother, but it works.  The feed dogs on my Brother sewing machine are completely shot and I’m waiting for  Heirloom Sewing in Glens Falls to get the parts in.  (they’ve been on backorder for weeks)  My mother bought me the Singer 25 years ago for my birthday.  I made all my first quits and potholders on it and it’s great for straight sewing.  Somewhat slower, and I have to thread the needle myself ( the Brother is self threading, bless it) but maybe that’s the message, to slow down.

I can still use my Brother for free motion stitching, so there’s really not much of a change here at the studio.  (except for threading the needle, did I mention that already?)

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