My Fingers Don’t lie


I made this potholder for Jon this morning. I’ll put it in the kitchen with the other potholders and see how long it takes him to find it.

No matter how much fear Jon is feeling or how poorly he slept the night before, he always starts the day by taking a beautiful picture and writing something meaningful, and uplifting.  His fingers flying across the keyboard, knowing no fear and speaking the truth.  “Listen to your fingers”, I say, “your fingers don’t lie”


15 thoughts on “My Fingers Don’t lie

  1. Indeed his fingers don’t lie, and neither do yours..when I read your blogs first thing in the morning, it’s like unwrapping a present every single day. Just like so many other faithful readers, I have had a bit of an internal rearrangement for the better after falling in love with the books, blogs and artwork. Grateful to you both!

  2. Another beautiful thought holder (I really think that is the perfect name for them) Maria! You’ll have to let us know how long it takes Jon to find it. This will be a great surprize for him!

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