Inside Out

Walking in Circles, Inside out

I did get to do some work on my quilt Walking In Circles this morning.  Here it is, sitting on my table,  after I sewed the back together then sewed the front, the back and the batting together.  The fun part is turning it right side in.

And here it is hanging in my studio waiting for me to tack it with yarn.  I had many beams in my old studio to hang it from, here I have one, but one is all I need.  This is a queen size quilt, bigger than I’m used to working on.  Tacking a quilt can be meditative or tedious, depending on how I’m feeling.  When it starts to get tedious, I tune into a public radio show on my ipad.  Usually, On Being or This American Life, I also have some OHenry stories that I like to listen to.  Tomorrow, I’ll post a photo of the back of the quilt.

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