Window Shopping on Plaid Friday

So here we are, it’s Plaid Friday, the independent shops answer to Black Friday.  Here’s some neat places to browse, shop or not:


One of Kim Giffords photos

Kim has a new website and is giving away some of her notecards.  The contest ends Sunday, so check out her new site and the contest here.

Julie Branch’s Gypsy Wagon

Julie Branch’s  dolls and the places they live are magical.  Come see her Gypsy doll and caravan here.

Visit  Lisa at  HaikuBlu here on facebook .  She makes origami earrings with a peace prayer on each one.

Read some of Veronica Hallissey’s poetry and maybe even buy one of her books here.

Fran and the Fox is only one of the many packs of notecars available for only $10 per pack.

And don’t forget the Sale on Jon’s notecards runs through Sunday.  Check it out here.


4 thoughts on “Window Shopping on Plaid Friday

  1. To me, shopping is shopping no matter where you do it. I refuse to play that game! My simple-living philosophy and my goal is to reduce my footprint; this has been a NO BUY year (except for food I can’t grow, and utilities for my tiny house). “Use it up, wear it out, make it do!”

    This Thanksgiving and Black Friday I went for free walks in the woods. ;-)

    1. Did I put your name on the blog post Lisa? Just my mistake. And I’ll check out Kristen’s new blog it wasn’t up just a few days ago when I posted about it. Thanks!

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