Potholders and a Dozen Eggs

Kim was still cleaning up from Thanksgiving when I picked up my potholders this morning.  She and her husband Jack have the  generous, all are welcome type of holiday.  They’re also generous with their eggs.  We have 3 hens, and haven’t gotten  a single egg, but Kim and Jack’s hens are like them, there are plenty of eggs for everyone.  So, this morning I left with my potholders and a dozen eggs.  What a pleasure to have such good neighbors.

5 thoughts on “Potholders and a Dozen Eggs

  1. They sound so nice. And wasn’t he the friend who gave you the used desk also? It’s so nice to hear positive news!

  2. Maria, is the potholder on the top sold already? If not, I’d love to buy it. I have so many fallen leaves in my yard that I don’t think I’ll ever be alone, and that is a comforting thought. Everyday, the dogs romp through the leaves, ignoring them and looking for squirrels to chase. The dogs won’t ever be alone either. At least, not with me and the leaves around.
    Have a wonderful day.

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