Fireworks of Knowing

My “Freedom” pillow before it becomes a pillow

Fireworks of knowing

Freedom to lead with my heart
Free to Let go
Free to trust my feet
free to find my own way

I got tired of Holding My hands Up For Someday

I want to write more about this piece, but tonight, my mind and body are just too tired.  Maybe in the morning, that’s good, I can sleep on it.  ( I believe this pillow is already sold.)



8 thoughts on “Fireworks of Knowing

  1. This is a beauty Maria! What a great message! It looks like your new cozy Farmhouse and Frieda gazing at you while you take it all in. 🙂

  2. Maria, I always love your work – two of your potholders hang in my kitchen here in Indianola. You are such an inspiration, that I signed up for a quilting class and bought a sewing machine yesterday. I can’t wait to move to Washington County so I can attend all your art shows and take Jenna’s classes. (Jenna inspired me to learn to knit and spin). I do have a question – usually when you post one of your always inspirational pieces its already sold. Do you take orders for the pillows prior to creating them? I’m sure all of your readers would love to know.

    1. Oh Have fun with your new sewing machine Eileen! and your knitting and spinning. You’d fit right in in Washington County. I have a list of people who would like a pillow and when I make one I offer it to the next person on my list. I’m a couple of months behind at this point, but will be glad to add any names to my list if you are willing to wait. Thanks for asking.

  3. Maria,

    As a fellow quilter, I look at your work and see the time and effort that went into each piece…….I find that I become somewhat attached to my pieces by the time they are completed and always seek the “best home” for them when giving them as gifts….Have fun in what you do!

  4. Eileen H. asked the question that I have been thinking of asking for months now. I am grateful to her that she asked. I, too, would love to be put on the list for your pillows and another potholder, so if you don’t mind, please add me to that list.
    Just think, in two weeks you have another show coming up. I only wish that I lived closer so that I could attend. In the meantime, I am sending you special wishes for a successful event. I’m sure it will be crowded with people who love your talent and ideas.
    I am thrilled that you have increased your writing as well as showing your wares. Your ideas show your sensitivity as well as your creativity. You give me much food for thought. Have a good day! Jane

  5. I’m excited. Could it be one with words, thoughts, etc? Yours are so thought provoking. It will be well worth the wait!!!! And I look forward to another potholder too. It will make my kitchen feel like it houses works of art!!!!!
    I’m so thrilled to see all of your dreams come to fruition, and I look forward to hearing about the success up the upcoming art show.

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