Soap and Candles at the Winter Gallery Dec 8th

Mandy and Nancy showing off their identical iphone covers (and cappuccinos…. those girls) at our  Tuesday morning meeting in Salem

Yes, we had fun, but we did get some business done too.  Nancy put Lisa (our baker for the show) on speaker phone and we firmed up some details about the Soap and Candle makers.

Travis and Natalia Kline live in Cambridge and  make beeswax candles.  You can see some of their work here.  Their website is

  We’ll also have soap and lotions from Pure and Simple Soap located in the town of Salem NY. Their website is and you can check it out here.

Who knows what else we’ll come up with in the 2 weeks  before the show.  Go here or to my Events page for the details (or most of them anyway).


2 thoughts on “Soap and Candles at the Winter Gallery Dec 8th

  1. so sorry to miss your show — it sounds fabulous — alas, too far to travel for me — i know you guys will have a great time and it will be a big success 🙂

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