“It’s a good thing…Right?”

Potholders for the Collective Arts Winter Gallery

I’m waiting for one more batch of potholders to come back from Kim and I’ll be all ready for the Collective Arts Winter Gallery.  I made more for this show than any other, so I expect I’ll have some to sell on line after the show.

I just realized that I have about 15 people on my pillow list and about 3 or 4 people who want quilts and there seems to be a constant demand for potholders.  It makes me nervous just thinking about it.  But all you nice people waiting out there seem to understand.  I keep trying to figure out how I can work more quickly,  but I haven’t come up with anything yet.  “This is a good thing..right??” I said to Jon this morning.  He reassured me it was a good thing, just what I wanted, to be busy, making my work and have people who like it enough to want to buy it.

Of course he’s right, and I know it, I guess I’m just getting used to it.  Oohhh It’s a really wonderful thing to have to get used to, isn’t it.

24 thoughts on ““It’s a good thing…Right?”

  1. Oh Maria! I HOPE there’s some “leftovers”… I see a few I NEED!!! (and yes, it’s a good thing!!! congrats to you!!!) — Anne

  2. The potholders are gorgeous as usual! One day I hope to make it to one of your Art Shows so that I can buy one. (I live in Newcomerstown, Ohio. It’s a quite a drive to Cambridge, New York!) I’m on the pillow list, but there is no rush. Heck, if you made me one by next April, I’d make my husband buy it for me as an anniversary gift!

  3. Hi Maria!

    I’ve never responded to either your or Jon’s blog (silent admirer I guess). However, I just saw your new pot holders (and your commentary)and felt the urge to let you know. They are gorgeous! I love everything about them; the colors, the quotes, the artwork (they made me smile, very good energy. Thank you!). I believe that by the time the “Collective Winter Arts Gallery” comes to a close, you will not have one single pot holder left to sell on line. This is the “moment” you have, so enjoy it to the fullest!:D I wish you success and joy!

  4. as my former boss would say, it’s a high class problem 🙂 — don’t forget the many people who are silent but love your work and would love to have something you’ve done but it seems your stuff is always sold before it’s posted! good for you! 🙂

  5. I just love the messages you put on your pillows and potholders. They seem to communicate, soul to soul. They inspire me! Thank you! I’m on your pillow list and if you try to rush, you may not hear those words.

  6. THIS IS A VERY VERY GOOD THING and all of us actually like to wait for special things; it’s like a B-day surprise, the anticipation enhances the receiving of it. We are only impatient for the mudane, like more toothpaste or dishsoap! Annie

  7. Maria, don’t stress over my requests for a potholder of an artist….when it comes to you it will happen. I can wait. I, too, am an artist and completely understand. No pressure.

    Go with the flow, and flow naturally. 🙂

  8. Maria, have you ever considered creating a potholder quilt? I look at all those wonderful potholders and see a large piece — a potholder quilt. I think it would have to go in the Smithsonian, it would be so incredibly wonderful!

  9. Dear Maria, Do what makes you happy! Those who follow you will wait because your potholders and quilts are full of your creative spirit. It takes time to infuse that into them! I look forward to seeing you at the Winter Crafts Gallery ~ and some of the other crafters who have certainly got some lovely things!

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