Walking In Circles doing it’s job

Walking in Circles all done

I never laid one of my quilts, that wasn’t for me, on a bed before.  I was really just being practical.  It was a good place to lay the quilt out and pick all the loose threads off of it.   It’s in the guest room/my office, so there’s no dog hair either.   When I saw it on the bed I thought it looked so nice I’d take a picture.  So here it is, not hanging on the wall, but doing it’s job covering a bed.    I just recently started stitching the name, the year and my signature on my quilts.  I made this quilt for Cathy, she asked for jeans and flannel.  It was lucky we were moving and cleaning out our closets, most of the jean are Jon’s.  I love the gradations of color that come with the fading, something you can’t get with new fabric.

17 thoughts on “Walking In Circles doing it’s job

  1. What an accomplishment! It looks great on a bed, you can really see the progression of circles, like a labyrinth.

    BTW, I love that wallpaper too.

  2. Maria, It is beautiful. Gee quilts need to be seen for where they are made. The impact always is Wonderful! Really, really beautiful. Thank you for exhibiting this work so the full effect could be appreciated. It was more work to do but your effort is appreciated. Thanks again.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt, Maria. I love the the jeans with the flannel…..it looks like a truely useful quilt, it is indeed my favorite !

  4. Oh Maria, This looks so cozy on the queen bed. What a great job you did creating this. I am so happy that you’re starting the tradition of stitching the title, your full name and the year on your work.This was a long time coming and means much more than stitching on a quilt.I’m so loving watching you grow these past few years. And you’re helping me as you grow,I want you to know that. Sometimes several words or a thought you share gives me the “Ah…ha… moment” that I sorely need.
    Kisses on Frieda’s snout, Cindy

  5. It always amazes me how different the quilts look lying on a bed v.s. hanging on the wall. Both are beautiful, but emphasize such diverse elements in the quilt Annie

  6. Good that you’re “signing” your work. My mom had a big (old) quilt collection, and finding the historical records was difficult and sometimes impossible. Maybe in 100 or 200 years your work will be hanging on someone’s wall or in a museum, and people won’t have to figure out where, who, when, etc. I agree about the various denims — beautiful (and – I imagine – soft)!

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