Perfect!  I went through my pile  of just made potholders and found it.  Did I really make a potholder that said “My body is perfect”?  Is this what I really wanted to say?  Didn’t I mean my body is perfect just as it is?  What if someone takes it the wrong way, as if I’m saying there’s such a thing a “the perfect body” and all others are imperfect.  What if a really vain person buys it and it reinforces a self serving idea that they are better than people who don’t have a “perfect” body?  Does perfect even exist?

I thought of changing it, adding the words “just as it is” but there was no room. I thought of getting rid of it, throwing it out.  It’s such a bold statement, so bold, I guess it scared me.  So I closed my eyes and handed it over to Kim to sew together. When she gave it back to me I stitched up the opening and put it with the others in my pile of potholders for the Collective Arts Winter Gallery.

Then, yesterday I took a picture of that pile and posted it on my site. This morning I got the perfect email for the perfect potholder.  Now, I’ve made these specific potholders for the show and I’m being a hard-ass about not selling them before it (so I have something to sell at the show)  but sometimes I have to break my own rules.  When Anne told me that this potholder was perfect for her daughter and explained why, I knew it was true.  Although I don’t know Anne’s daughter or  Anne,  I obviously made it for her.  All those doubts and fears about being misunderstood, fell away.  This time it worked.  So, Anne gets the Perfect Potholder, the one I unknowingly made for her daughter, and I’ll make something new for the show. Perfect!


8 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. Maria,

    This is such a fine statement for all women. You could mass produce these and profit, though I know that is not what you typically do. I love the potholder!

  2. My what a perfertly wonderful meeting of the minds! One day I hope to own one of your thought provoking and artful potholders.

  3. Actually, that it turns out to be perfect for teen girls whom tend to have peer pressure and esteem issues, especially on how they look, is great! A positive affirmation like that can only do good! A good match, Maria!

  4. I love your ” my body is perfect” potholder. No need to worry. It will mean what it needs to mean to whoever buys it. My best to you and Jon. I have followed him for many years and now I am happy to get to know you. I wish I had been able to meet you too when Jon was on the book tour in Naperville near Chicago. You were holding down the fort getting ready to move.

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