Paperdoll Potholder Girls (with a capital “G”)

Ok, so I made these new potholders between yesterday and today and I’m so excited about them I just had to share them.  The words “Make space for Mystery” have been running through my head and I was going to write them on a potholder but then I thought of doing it (making space for mystery) instead.  So these potholders tell a story, but not the whole story, (I hope) my intention was to leave some space for you to fill in the blanks.

Let me know what you think, They’re  already  all sold.

29 thoughts on “Paperdoll Potholder Girls (with a capital “G”)

  1. Love these. I would like to continue my Christmas shopping, my mother in law loves butterflies.they are the symbol for her Mom….so if they are still available! If not…put me on the list for future potholders like these..they are wonderful!

  2. oh…….the butterfly, appearing much, means transformation, and the joy of dance. They awaken a sense of lightness and joy, and remind us that life is a dance, so get up and move! if you can move, you can dance!
    I see this in your girls! and girls just wanna have fun! The universe is there for us. Just put it out there…….
    Have fun with these potholders, who ever gets them!

  3. Oh Maria… I LOVE THESE..Each and Every One of them!! When you make more, can you let me know so I can buy 2 of them.

  4. LOVE ‘EM! Maria, you really are hitting your stride. You have reached that magic point where you are visibly “streaming” art (not just even really superb craft, but fine art) into almost everything you produce. I am glad you are signing your work, because in generations to come, your fiber art will be known and recognized (who knows exactly how they’ll be airing Antiques Roadshow at that time, LOL).

    I grew up near a different kind of craftsman/artist–a man named Thomas Molesworth, who made burl/leather western furniture. He died decades ago, and many great craftsmen still produce similar work, but there is a reason a Molesworth couch sells for $40K or a chair for $30K these days–it is that same indefinable difference where “craft” has been elevated to “art.” Molesworth did not sign his work, but having been raised with it, I can unerringly pick it out from other similar furniture because of his ability to refine craft just one step further into fine art.

    Congratulations on your wonderful art.

  5. I LOVE these as pillows! For my favorite reading spot or my side of the bed. Especially like the hanging dress.

  6. I think these are fantastic. I like the use of color. They remind me of paper dolls which I’ve loved since I was a child. There is something magical about them.

  7. wow, these are definitely ‘ueber-potholders’, Maria, little pieces of art; I’d be heartbroken if l burned or damaged them by accident….

  8. Maria,
    These potholders are so special. Hoping you create more of the same. I was ready to buy all six until I saw they were sold.

  9. Every day, you outdo yourself, Maria. So happy to be able to observe your journey. Thought I couldn’t love your work more…but I do!

  10. I love the way your art is evolving 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with us. I could see something like these as wall art too.

  11. Very nice, love the colors and the contrast between the dresses and backgrounds, really stands out. Love the one with the checked dress, I can imagine the kind of woman who would have the sort of life and figure that could wear such a cute and confident dress. I imagine its a happy one. Id hang them all on the wall… Go Maria!

  12. More! More! More! The wee sprites and butterflies speak to me! Please put me on your list when you create more!

  13. The paperdoll images are wonderful. I think you will have to make a whole series of these, since I remember my paperdolls had many poses and many costumes.

  14. These are a bit of magic, Maria. I especially like the shooting star and the moon ones; and the idea of leaving space for mystery is metaphysical whimsey at its brightest. It’s the kind of art I am looking for in the project you do for me. If you can pull in a critter, with the tree through your studio window scene a few days ago, it’s almost exactly what I had in my head. I’d love to be able to hang it up, like the artwork it is!

    1. Thanks Sue, I’ll be in touch and your garden’s on your blog are just beautiful and such a pleasure to see this time of year. Check it out everyone.

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