Carol’s Intuitive Paintings

Mandy and I met Carol Bollinger Green at Bean Heads this morning.  There was snow on the ground and the heat wasn’t turned on, but it was good to be in the space and to see Carols paintings there.   Carol is an intuitive painter.  She uses water color and colored pencil.  First she wets the paper and paints them wets it again and paints more.   She does this until she feels the painting is complete then uses colored pencil over it.  Her  abstract painting are created without any outside input they are totally created from Carols intuition.  Carols paintings are intensely bright and mystical. I couldn’t help thinking of William Blake as I was looking at them.   Here’s a few more.



6 thoughts on “Carol’s Intuitive Paintings

  1. I love these paintings & the style. I don’t live in the area. Is there anywhere else I could view Carol’s work online? Thanks.

  2. Absolutely beautiful ! Such happiness comes when I look at these , would love to hang one or a few on my walls just for the feeling they give ! Very gifted artist !

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