Jane’s Delightful Pincushions

Jane’s Delightful Pincushions

I wanted to share some photos of Jane McMillen’s wonderful felted pincushions, but when I went on her website there were hardly any photos.  Then I remembered that she sold out of most of them at the last few shows she was in.   Good for her, but what about us?  Well, she let me know that she’s hard at work making more for the Collective Arts Winter Gallery on Saturday.

Some of the most fun in having an art show is unpacking the artist’s work, seeing and handling it for the first time.  Nancy, Mandy and I will get to oohh and aaahh over it before setting up our Bean Heads Pop-Up Gallery.   Here’s a few more photos of Jane’s work, I don’t know if any of it is still available, but it gives an idea of what we’ll have at the show.  And check out her website, Little House Home Arts  here.  There may not be many photos of her present work, but she’s a really honest and funny blogger, I think you’ll like getting to know her (and her self described dysfunctional family) as much as I have.

Yes, these are tiny pincushions!
These two are giant dressmakers pincushions



6 thoughts on “Jane’s Delightful Pincushions

  1. Her pincushions are lovely. I understand what she’s up to – I just set up my table at my neighborhood’s yearly holiday craft show this evening, after spending the last weekend in what I called Santa’s little sweatshop. I enjoy the act of creating, but somehow too much always gets left to the end.

    Wish I was close enough to stop by the show and pick up one of these, and a potholder or two. Thanks for sharing what you’re up to with the show, I love seeing it come together.

  2. Oh the pincushions, they are just too much! I use a small Eeyore doll for a pincushion, I hope to upgrade to a beauty someday.
    I can just imagine how wonderful Saturday will be!

  3. I haven’t thought about pin cushions for years! My mother, an avid sewer had many tomato pin cushions. It’s so great to see these!

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