Winter Gallery Lights and Potholders

Potholders in the window at BeanHeads

Nancy kindly walked back and forth in front of Bean Heads so I could get this picture of her and the lights and potholders we hung in the window this afternoon.  ( I spent the morning with Carol experiencing a Shamanic Healing.  Thanks for all your kind thoughts, I’ll write about it in the next few days) We thought it would draw some attention to the space and liven it up as well.  We measured and moved tables around then moved them around some more trying to figure out how we would set up the space and how much room we had.  Mandy left half way though to give a massage just upstairs where she’ll be holding her meditation circles on Saturday.

Inside Bean Heads it doesn’t look to special right now, but wait till Saturday

I brought over Suzy’s work, which I got in the mail yesterday (she threatened to bring her angora bunny Wendy but decided to just send the  roving made from her coat  instead)  and Gabi stopped by to figure out the best place for her watercolor demo’s to take place.  Jane’s husband Tom will drop off her felted pincushions on Thursday and we’ll hang the show on Friday.

The Collective Art Winter Gallery is this Saturday December 8th  from 10am-5 pm at Bean Heads , 1 Washington Street in Cambridge NY.  For more details go to my Events page or click here.


Bill Smith’s  Woven Paintings


2 thoughts on “Winter Gallery Lights and Potholders

  1. Someday my dream of moving up to Washington County will come true…in the meantime I will have to content myself with reading your blogs and enjoying all the wonderful artistic endeavors all of you pursue!

  2. Maria, Your potholders look beautiful in those lovely windows and that building full of character. A wonderful space for the art show. Wish I could be there this Saturday. Good luck to all of you!

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