“Let your mind dance with your body”

Let your mind dance with your body, words of wisdom from my “relaxed mind” tea bag. I’ll take it. Figuring out the money after an art show is fun and exciting (seeing how much each of the artists made is always fun) and something that makes my whole mind and body tense up over. I can do it, I always do, but numbers aren’t my forte.
Each time I get a little better and remember what I learned from the last time and figure out a better way to do it. But, because I only do it two times a year, I feel like I’m relearning it every time. It’s only when I begin, that the process starts to unfold.
So here I am a few hours into it and I’m getting to the good part, seeing the spoils and dividing it up.

5 thoughts on ““Let your mind dance with your body”

  1. “I feel like I’m relearning it every time.It’s only when I begin that the process starts to unfold.” Oh, how I can relate to this. I taught school for over thirty three years. At the beginning of each school year, before I entered the classroom on that first day, I always thought that I couldnn’t remember how to do it. And then, the day started, and that thought disappeared.Everything just flowed and I was back whereI belonged. I think that many talented people have that thought before they begin something that is really second nature to them. It is like a challenge to be successful, to show the world how good you really are. I know you meet your challenges head on; they have become a part of who you are. I’m sure that the Art Show was a success. I know, because I see the photos and I know how you put your heart, soul and mind into all that you do. Have a wonderful day. Love to you, Jon and all of the animals. Jane

  2. You must pardon me but being a “numbers guy” and based on the financial results can you say the event was a success for the participants.

    If so, perhaps there will be interest from not only those who participated this time but additional local artists of all media for future events.

    1. yes, Walt, now that I’m done with the numbers, I’d say it was a success. And It certainly is a draw for new artists when we ask them to participate when we can say how successful it was.

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