Next…Collective Arts Spring Gallery

Bob selling his homemade lotions and soaps

“Hi, Oh, You have to move”  Those were the first words out of my mouth when I walked into Bean Heads at 9am, one hour before the gallery opened Saturday morning.  Barbara and Bob from Pure n Simple  soaps were in the wrong place.  They had gotten in early and set up where the Candle people were supposed to be.  You see, there were quite a few people organizing the show and things got a bit confusing at times.  Nancy and I had spent the afternoon before setting up the space and well, Pure and Simple Soap was in the wrong place.  Luckily, I was able to pull myself together and see how it really didn’t matter if the two traded places.  And luckily Bob and Barbara are even tempered.  I apologized for greeting them with “You have to move!” (that’s no way to start the day) and we decided we could work it out.  Which we did, when Travis and Natalia came to set up they went in the other corner and all was forgotten.

A wall of Bill Smith’s and Carol Bollinger Green’s paintings

We were all so busy for the rest of the day, I only got away from the register (my ipad and square) once.

Jane’s pincushions, Suzy’s roving and cowls, Jon’s notecards and my potholders

The one table to sit at was filled the whole time.  Sometimes by my mother or Nancy’s mother and sister or just people coming in to shop and have coffee and sweets. ( I bought on of Jane’s pincushions for Kim who sews my potholders, I couldn’t wait for Christmas and gave it to her at the show)

Lisa from the Round House Bakery

Jon brought me a cup of soup and bread from the Round House Bakery for lunch and Lisa and I traded one of my potholders for 2 bags of  her granola.

  I wished I could have gone to Mandy’s meditations circles.  She was selling gift certificates for massage and giving tours of her new healing arts center  upstairs.

Nancy and her jewelry

Nancy was busy all day and Jon bought me one of her necklaces. It sits right on my heart chakra, I think it has some kind of power.


Gabi was selling gift certificates to her painting classes and notecards.  That’s one of her pieces in the background.  She paints from memory, never using photos.

Natalia and her bee’s wax candles

Natalia and Travis sold out of lot of their candles.  Bob and Barbara and Natalia and Travis are  at the Cambridge Farmers Market every week.

Suzy spinning the roving made from her goats and angora bunny Wendy

I bought one of Suzy’s cowls, the grey and yellow one.  Later that night Jon and I were having dinner with Suzy and her husband Joe at Moma’s, the restaurant near our house, and Suzy gave me and Jon each a hat.  Mine is grey and yellow just like the cowl.   She must have read my mind.

The Collective Arts Winter Gallery was a success and we’re thinking of the Collective Arts Spring Gallery, I’m sure you can guess what will come after that.  We all sold a lot and have more to offer.  (I’ll be posting the potholders that are left and some others that I’ll have done tomorrow)  So if you see something you like check out some of the websites below, or you can email me at here or at [email protected]


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  1. Thank you so much for putting on the Collective Arts Winter Gallery! I love that the gifts I give (and some I keep:)) are truly one of a kind, hand made by local artists with the love, care, and overall positive energy you all put into each of creation. I look forward to the Collective Arts Spring Gallery!

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