My School House Studio was a School House

Lauderdale Farm where my School House Studio used to be

Jon was in town getting gas when the guy driving the Pepsi truck, making a delivery to Cumberland Farms, recognized him.  They started talking and the driver told Jon how his mother used to go to a one room school house next to Lauderdale Farm, which is on Lake Lauderdale, just up the road from our farm.  Years later, the school house was picked up and moved to Florence’s house, where her husband Harold used it as a workshop and then the grandchildren used it as a playhouse and now, it’s my School House Studio.

I’m don’t know why I like knowing the history of my School House Studio, what difference does it really make?  But it is somehow satisfying or grounding to know.  Maybe it’s like getting to know a new friend or lover.  To know their past helps us understand and know them better.  And I am pretty intimate with my studio, we spend a lot of time together and I’m filling it with a lot of new energy and emotion.  And perhaps, it’s many years of energy is filling me up too.

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  1. I love learning stuff like that! The street I live on (suburban/urban area) used to be the “drive” leading up to a farm house. There are still two sets of lit pillars, that would have led the way to the farmhouse.
    Sounds like there is lots of youthful energy in your studio, I know you’ll make good use of it!

  2. Hello Maria I am the Pepsi Man that ran into Jon and Red in Cambridge. It was fun to tell the story about your studio, I knew one day I would run into one of you to tell it to. After a few minutes of talking Jon gave me his email and an invite for us to come to the farm to play with the sheep and hear more of Mom,s stories of growing up in Cambridge.

  3. History of buildings is always important. Otherwise they are just wood, or stone or whatever building material is used. But places where people have lived, worked, nourished themselves; lived! ~ these have stories to tell and you are right to listen.

  4. Oh, I would think it would be very gratifying to know the history. I am drawn to old places, homes- makes our short time here seem like a circle, rather than a straight line that begins and ends. When we were in the Adirondacks visiting you there was a schoolhouse on the property, I loved sitting in that old desk. Did you go in there? The woman giving the history had several old pics of one room school houses in the area. Wonder if you could find a pic of yours in an archive somewhere, maybe the Pepsi guy’s Mother has a pic! I think I am more excited than you 🙂

  5. Maria, maybe it is important to know the history of your studio. It seems more than coincidence that you’ve learned the building’s first purpose was to teach children — with all their innocence, energy, and fresh views of life — at a time when you’re exploring feelings about being and having a child yourself. Even if there’s no connection, it seems that knowing about the building’s past would make the space that much more endearing to you. I wish you the best as you continue your explorations.

  6. I love the old one room school houses. My mother attended one until the 4th grade. She had very fond memories of going there. I wish we still had them especially for elementary school.

  7. Hey Maria, check out Scroll down to chart listing one room school house in Jackson..District 9 says Lauderdale…then underneath that, if I’m reading this correctly, is a picture of the Lauderdale school…is that yours?

    1. Tess, this isn’t my school house, I think the one in the photo is still there, someones summer home. but now I’m intrigued I”ll have to look into it more thanks for your obsessive qualities. It’s a great photo and there’s Florence (Qua) Walrath and must be her siblings or relative, lots of Qua’s around here.

  8. Oh my Gosh Maria! Your Florence is in that picture! It is your schoolhouse! Sorry, I became obsessed with this! How cool is that!!

  9. Maria,

    I think its really neat you know that story of your School House Studio…just think of the children long, long ago that sat in that room and learned their ABC’s and Arithmetic. How great is that for a legend? And really nice of the Pepsi driver to share that information with Jon. I am sure there is also alot of old energy in that room with you as well as your new energy>>>>>and alot of happiness and creativity!

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