A little Miracle

A snow quilt made by Simon Beck

Janet sent me these photos of drawing made by Simon Beck with snowshoes.  Seeing them on my computer screen was like a little miracle after Sandy Hook.  It shows the beauty we are capable of.   I wanted to share them and thank Janet for sending them my way.  If you want to see  more photos and are curious about  Simon Beck click here.

By Simon Beck
By Simon Beck

5 thoughts on “A little Miracle

  1. The beauty of the patterns he has made in the snow is so unexpected! And I thank you for sharing the honest beauty of your soul thru the Shaman healing. We are all on this journey with you, and finding some healing for ourselves, also. Annie

  2. Exquisite and so transitory, it reminds me of the Tibetan Buddhist monks who labor at a mandala (in sand?) and then blithely destroy it, there is some lesson there!

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