Healing Cookies

Healing Cookies

Inspired by a story  about the divorce diet, by Mandy Meyer-Hill (I see Mandy for massage and energy work) I came up with this potholder.  You can read her story  here  on her website stairwayhealingarts.wordpress.com and let me know if I captured it in my potholder.

7 thoughts on “Healing Cookies

  1. The story is lovely and brought tears. Your potholder brings smiles, you captured the joy of the healing, it’s great. My Mom just brought over the first plate of Italian cookies..(Neno’s recipe)…they were wonderful and gone..burp.

  2. Dear Maria, I went to Mandy’s website to read about “healing cookies” and it was such a wonderful story; and you did capture it completely. The bright yellow background of the potholder looks like the yellow Christmas cut out cookies my mother used to make. Annie

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