Your photos of my work in your home

This is Beau ( I bet Beau and Lenore would hit it off)   with one of my streaming pillows in Tess’s  home.    And here’s my Butterfly girl in Sylvia’s Kitchen.  Love that yellow wall.

4 thoughts on “Your photos of my work in your home

  1. I still love seeing your artwork in people’s homes, Maria. Thanks to everyone for sending those great pictures! I’ll be spending the holidays with you and Jon at Bedlam Farm. I already have your tree as screensavers on my phone. I’m a good guest; appreciating from afar. The only problem is that I can’t help with clean-up. Wishing you all the best, Christine

  2. Hey Maria, More lovely Better Homes and Gardens Martha stuart moments. I love seeing your work in other people’s homes. But I also drool over the homes themselves.
    Yesterday A.M. I was looking at our bed. Unmade, piled high with pillows and shams and two loads of clean laundry. I could see parts of the Izzy Hippie New York City Quilt sticking out in different spots. No kidding,I thought,”I should take a pic of this lovely mess and send it to Maria so she could see the reality of her work in our house!” It would have been for your eyes only. I chuckled at my thought. 🙂

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