Taking Care of Business

This is what my work table looked like when I left it last night.  Kim took the week off to do her Christmas chores, so I’m finishing up some  last minute orders for potholders.  I also made a few more new ones,  I just couldn’t help myself, those girls wanted to be seen.

Had tea at the Central House in Salem with Nancy and Mandy this morning, a precious ritual.    Then some shipping and book keeping and this afternoon I’m off to Glens Falls to drop off my sewing machine and finally get the feed dogs replaced.  (they’re the part of the machine that feeds the fabric through.  I don’t use them when I’m drawing only when I’m doing straight stitching, I’ve been using my old Singer for that).  Doesn’t look like I’ll get in the studio today.  It’s not as satisfying or fun but I’m taking care of the business part of the business.

2 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business

  1. So you actually draw the pictures then sew them? When I first saw your potholders, I thought you embroidered all of them. Then realized you have a really nice sewing machine that might do the sewing. But now realized that you draw the picture? So how does it get onto the fabric? I am NOT a sewer at all and am totally NOT into technology at all so will never ever try to copy what you do. As if anyone could. I was just wondering how you do this? And I am going to have to get a potholder from you soon. But with no pink in it. I love them all. You are a wonderful artist.

    1. HI Kris, When I say I draw them I mean I draw them with my sewing machine. It’s a free motion sewing machine so I can move the fabric any way I want, not just forward or backward. I used to draw on the fabric with an invisible marker, now I just “draw” directly on the fabric using the machine like a pencil or paintbrush.

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