Lessons from Frieda

Frieda taking it easy

Frieda’s really good at what she does, and I admire her for that.  Always in the moment and true to herself.  When she’s chasing a truck, she chasing a truck.  She’s not thinking should I chase that truck or will another truck come along that may be better to chase, maybe I should wait for that truck or….  No she’s not thinking that, when she’s chasing a truck, she’s chasing a truck.   When she barks at someone coming in the front door, she’s there 100%, sizing them up and trying to keep them away.   There’s no doubt about what she’s doing.  She knows and the people around her know.  And when she’s taking it easy in front of the wood stove she makes herself as comfortable as possible and doesn’t move.  (unless something better comes along like a  knock at the door or a treat).  She doesn’t even get up to greet us when we come home, just keeps her bed warm.

Last night I was running around like a fiend.  I just couldn’t stop.  Buzzing around the house like a wind-up toy.   Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Frieda lounging around, looking like she was vacationing in the Bahamas.  I snapped a dozen pictures of her and she still didn’t move.  I still didn’t stop, but something got through.  That dog sure knows how to relax, I thought.  Oh, right.

Jon and I are going to our favorite Inn in Vermont for a couple of days….to relax.  We’ll be back on Friday.  And I’m taking Frieda’s advice.  No email, no blogging, no news from the outside world.  (relax Maria relax) See you on Friday.

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