Solstice Celebration

Pastry Cabinet in the Moon Dog Cafe, Chester VT where we had lunch

It’s the Winter Solstice and the weather is wild.  We drove home from Vermont through rain, snow, wind, sun, dark clouds and rainbows.  Mother Nature is demanding attention and she’s got mine.

Jon and I were invited to celebrate the shortest day of the year with Carol, the Shaman we’ve both been working with.  In the past I’ve welcomed in the Equinox in different ways with friends (one year I even made blood pudding, a traditional treat for the day) and have spent the Solstice at the Paul Winter Consort at the Cathedral of  Saint John the Divine in NYC, but I’ve never been to a small ceremony where someone was officiating and knew what they were doing.  I can’t wait, Carol told us to bring our drums and rattles.  (well, maybe next time, we don’t have any drums or rattles, not yet).

This is really what the season is about for me.  Bringing light to the darkest time of the year.   It’s why I put lights on a tree and around my windows.  It’s the hope of longer days, sunshine, spring, rebirth at a time of year when it’s often hard to remember that it’s not always grey, cold and dark.

Jon, in the wind and rain, taking pictures of one of his favorite Vermont Barns

6 thoughts on “Solstice Celebration

  1. That peppermint chocolate cupcake looks divine! Sounds like you will have a wonderful time this evening.

    I believe I know exactly where that barn is located, and if I am not mistaken, I think it is actually just over the border in New York. Anyway, I hope he shares his picture of it. It is within a mile of where my mother-in-law lived. I would love to see his view of it, as I enjoyed seeing your view of Jon taking the photograph.

    Thanks for sharing Maria.

  2. Wow…I think you’re going to partake in the best of the best! I went to a Solstice celebration many years ago, on the banks of the Delaware River outside New Hope, PA. It was for women only, all done under moonlight with drums and a bonfire…one of the best memories of my life.

    Would love you to write about yours, if you want to. Enjoy!

  3. Love this post, Maria. It’s so simple, yet meaningful…not that your other posts aren’t meaningful, but this one touched me. And…I <3 barns. 😉

    Peace and Blessings,
    Beth 🙂

  4. What wonderful colour in that photograph, Maria…just the right time of day for the right light. It enriches the barn and the surrounding pasture. It reminds me of a very old, early twentieth century painting.
    And thank you again for both your websites, yours and Jon’s. Both are uplifting, real and interesting. I’ve been along the path, not of shamans though I would if given the chance but the more spiritual path and for me, is the only way to go. Organized religion, of which I was a part for many years until I could no longer put my fanny in the pew and repeat the Nicene Creed, is not for me.
    I know that your lives together, from what Jon has shared with his readers, has not been easy but it’s been honest and it must feel wonderful having it all come together, still with ups and downs, but with a similar focus for you both.
    SandyP in snowy Ontario, Canada

  5. I love that you took that photo of Jon photographing the barn. It’s kind of fun to be on the other side of his camera! I don’t recognize the barn, but I will look to see if it is on any of the roads I travel since it seems to be near the NY border on one side or the other. So glad you enjoyed your time away. Merry Christmas, Maria!

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