Brand New Day

It’s a brand new day, the slate is wiped clean.  The depth of my fear is the depth of my strength.  That feeling in my body is excitement not fear.  And to prove it, it’s snowing. Winter is here and the earth in my part of the world is finally doing what it does in winter,  it snows.  The ground is  freezing and the veil is descending,  momentarily blurring my vision  so when clarity comes there will be no doubt what has happened.  Something  shifted last night, and I’m seeing it reflected in the world around me.

5 thoughts on “Brand New Day

  1. There is something so poetic, visual and meaningful in your description of the arrival of winter. I remember when I lived in Manhattan (for two years in the early sixties). Coming from Los Angeles, I had never seen snow fall. My first one arrived on my 21st birthday. I was to walk to a friend’s apartment for dinner. The world was so white and quiet. There was no traffic on the street (it might have been second or third ave. I don’t remember), but the city was all dressed up in the lights of Christmas and the stores, although closed at that hour, were bright and shiney. Lights twinkled everywhere, but as Paul Simon said, it was the “sound of silence.” The snow was a quiet carpet of white, muffling the sounds of whatever feet touched the ground. Few cars or busses were out, and I felt that I was in a beautiful fairyland for the first time in my life. I’ll never forget it. What beauty and joy I shared with nature that night.

  2. I’m so glad to see the snow ~ there is something special about that first frosting of white on the ground. And Jane has captured the essence perfectly ~ it is quiet and sparkling and beautiful. Yes, winter has arrived just as it should, and every new snow makes the world around us beautiful.

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