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It’s so quiet.  When I think of the past holidays, I think of the frantic running around and doing.  Shopping, waking up at night remembering who I forgot to get a gift for, making Christmas cards, baking cookies….. Then the rush and (often cheerful) chaos of the days themselves.  But not this year.  This year, I’ve done less than I’ve ever done before.  And there’s a quiet, a peacefulness that has surrounded these past few days before Christmas.  Maybe we brought it home with us from our trip to Vermont.

My time for selling has stopped for the season,  email is light, even my blog feels quiet, things seems to be winding down.    And I’m realizing this is the feeling I’ve always craved around this holiday.  I’ve talked about peace for the season, written it in cards, needle pointed it into wall hangings, sung it in Christmas Carols, but I’ve never experienced it I am now.

It was with this feeling that I went into my studio this morning, after not working for days.  And this is what I came up with:

truth is beauty

How does it feel To Speak Your truth
Grounded On Earth
I trust the Stars


8 thoughts on “How Does it feel

  1. The way you describe it, it does feel like the true peace of the season we all yearn for at this time of year. After a difficult week of dealing with the effects of Sandy Hook on my students, I too am doing less this Christmas and reaching for that sense of peace. May your holidays continue in this lovely vein, Maria.

  2. maria, i really like your pillows and potholders. The pillow in this post about speaking your truth is especially beautiful. I have watched your work evolve, and this pillow has a flow to the stitching that i don’t think i have seen in your earlier work. it is neat to watch you come into your own where your life and peace meet up. You make your pillows look easy to make.But the intricate stitching is beautiful and true artistic talent that not everyone is blessed with. sincerely ,carol

  3. Merry Christmas Maria and Jon! I am grateful this year for the gifts of your art and blog and books! I have spent many a happy moment this year, snuggled under the quilt, reading. The Red and Peony photos have inspired us, the potholders are a hit as well. You have infused our home with good vibes and beauty, thank you! Enjoy your peaceful season together!

  4. Merry Christmas Maria ~ I’m so delighted to have met you and Jon both. Your blogs and photographs brighten my days and I so enjoy seeing your potholders and pillows ~ they are wonderful! I am having my favorite kind of Christmas ~ nowhere to go and nothing to do, but enjoy the time with family. Both of my children come to VT and my daughter’s dogs will help ease the ache of missing mine. Peace and blessings to you and Jon and all your wonderful, delightful animals!

    And Tara ~ I wish you peace.

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