Frieda and Teddy

I looked up from reading last night and saw Frieda with Lenore’s stuffed teddy bear.  Did she take it from Lenore or did Lenore give it to her?  I’m only privy to a small part of what goes on between the animals.   In their world it makes sense and they seem to know how to work things out.  It isn’t always pretty, but maybe that’s just my take on it.  They don’t seem to have a hard time speaking their truth.

5 thoughts on “Frieda and Teddy

  1. This picture of Freida touches me. Thank you, Maria. God bless you and Jon with love, joy and newfound peace during this spiritual holiday in your new home.

  2. Wishing you, Jon and the animals a peaceful and happy Christmas. The Power of Love – If you are able to find the
    John Lewis (department store) Christmas TV advert – check it out on line. Best Wishes. Melanie

  3. Freida has this “well it’s mine now and I dare you try to take it” look in her eyes. From a dog who ran wild in the Adirondacks to this sweetheart with her teddy is astounding. You’re one lucky pup, Frieda. And you have yourself a wonderful Christmas and be nice to Lenore.

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