Finding My Wings

Butterfly Arms SOLD

I’m reading the new Barbara Kingsolver book Flight Behavior.  In it she tells about an ant who is born with wings and when, after the “marital flight” (otherwise known as  mating)  is over,  the female rips off her wings and spends the rest of her life giving birth to worker ants.   I guess it’s okay for the ants, but as one who had given up her wings early in life, I found it chilling.  Luckily, I hadn’t actually ripped my wings off, they were just folded up and tucked away, waiting to shake themselves out and start flying again.

Sewing on my wings SOLD
Finding my wings
Flying in space  SOLD
Girl and the Universe SOLD
Waiting to fly SOLD

These potholders are for sale.  They are $20 each + $4 shipping for one and $5 for two or more.  If you’re interested you can email me here or at [email protected].


7 thoughts on “Finding My Wings

  1. These are happy potholders Maria! I love them ~ especially the pink one. I’d like that one if someone hasn’t beaten me to it!!

  2. Spectacular – each and every one! The soul retrieval has propelled even more of your creativity and voice out into the world. Bravo.

  3. Love the wallpaper in the pictures, also the potholders. I would love to see some potholders with a green background, flowers and butterflies. Thinking about spring.

  4. I love these potholders. If you have’t sold sewing on my wingsr, I’d love to purchase it. Someday, if you do a potholder with a girl and her dogs (my Shelties and Lab are so loved), I’d love to buy it.It would be a tribute to my dogs. You work is so creative and whimsical,
    I just love looking at it. Another great idea would be that adorable girl in the snow. The description of you, Jon, and the dogs walking in “your woods” in the storm is enchanting. Think of it as the “enchanated woods.” That was the name of the area where, as a young girl, I performed under the redwood trees when I was at camp in the Santa Cruz mountains. Looking at your blogs is such a pleasure,I can’t wait to read it everyday. Have a wonderful, cozy day.

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