Corduroy Kindness

Speaking of good men….a while ago I got an email from someone who asked if I could make a quilt for her husband.  She wanted something manly, (like the manly potholders) and asked if I could put a streaming piece into the quilt.   When she told me about her husband I not only wanted to do it, but I also felt it would be a good thing to do, to make a quilt dedicated to a good man.  And I guess there are different definitions of a good man, but this man was my definition of one.  Kind, understanding, loving, affectionate,  thoughtful, curious and nurturing.  So here’s the first part of the quilt.  Next it’s corduroy, tweed and flannel.

5 thoughts on “Corduroy Kindness

  1. what a lovely idea…because good men need to be celebrated (perhaps because, cynic that I am, I feel there are so few to be found!). Love the thought that anchors this: “thoughtful i ways that surprise me to this day”…I live with just such a man, and I find that it’s the daily thoughtfulness that I cherish the most, thirty years into our togetherness. I can’t wait to see the finished piece, Maria!

    1. I’m like you Tara, a bit of a cynic and feel there are few good men to be found. I do see everyday that there are much more than I once thought. Very hopeful

  2. Paula n mark r going to b in hog heaven under this quilt…he is an in readable man…but is loved by the most wonderful, caring and most loving woman I know! Thank u Maria for making this quilt for them. You have it so right already!

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