Generous and Nurturing

Jon with Red,  taking care of the chickens

It’s our first real snowstorm at the new farm.  Jon loves thinking and strategizing about storm preparations, not something I usually do.  I’m more of a deal with it and figure it out when it happens kind of person.  He’s also a softy.

He put the hay in the pole barn so the donkeys and sheep wouldn’t have to stand out in the wind and snow to eat.  He refilled the chickens water bowl with warm water, and threw them an extra handful of worms and birdseed.    He took Minnie’s open can of cat food out of the refrigerator so it could warm up before she eats it.  These are things I would not have considered.  The hard part of me thinks it’s excessive, the loving part of me sees it  for what it is,  generous and nurturing.


5 thoughts on “Generous and Nurturing

  1. Very nice photo – Storms bring out the survival instinct in us. We got plastered with snow here in Northern New York near the St. Lawrence River.

  2. Creature comfort is in the end the only really important thing in life. The basics…. food, water, shelter are enough. Farm animals guide us foolish humans if we are willing to pay attention.

  3. We live in the country also, Maria, and I had chickens for the first 14 yrs we lived here but one winter pulling tobaggon-loads of soiled shavings through five feet of snow once a month more or less ended my ‘farm’ part of The Farmer’s Walk one year. And, my husband immediately took down the chicken run knowing that I would change my mind the following spring. But I am also, as Jon is, prepared ahead of time for winter storms in the country. To me, it’s part of the fun of winter here, stocking up food, making sure the dog runs are kept low with snow so they can get outside, filling water bottles if the power goes out, bringing in the wood for the wood stoves, but my husband, a retired airline pilot,lives for and in the moment, perhaps as you do. He is very good at dealing with emergencies so I guess we balance each other off in our own ways. Whatever nature we seem born with, generally carries through much of our life and while we can try to change our mental outlook, many of our ingrained ways are who we are still.
    SandyP in Canada

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