The New Years You Desire

Well, I got the Good Man Quilt all pieced together and here it is hanging on my wall.  I have a thin black and blue border that I’m still considering.  If I use it, it will go on the top and left side.

Lenore kept me company in the studio tonight, she tried to lay on the quilt, but settled for the left over fabric.

Sometimes my blog pushes me.  I felt like quitting before sewing on the last section tonight,  but wanted to put a photo up of the quilt hanging on my wall.  Maybe it’s not a push as much as inspiration.  All you out there reading my blog inspire me to show you something I hope you’ll be interested in.  So thanks for the inspiration.

Now I’m done for the night, a quiet New Years at home.  Hope you all have the News Years Eve you desire.

10 thoughts on “The New Years You Desire

  1. This quilt is so balanced! As a lover of symmetry, it is very appealing-and the blue fabric makes it shine. Love the name, too!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Maria! I like your border idea, I hope it works!! And Lenore looks perfectly comfortable on her pile of fabrics ~ sweet girl that she is.

  3. Wonderful quilt, Maria! It exudes strength to me. Your work is inspiring, so thanks for all you share on the blog. Happy New Year!

  4. Wishing you and Jon a very bright and beautiful New year. You both bring a lot of beauty and welcome “realness” to our life.
    Lenore makes a very good quality control inspector. She is so sweet.

  5. Your blog brings me such pleasure Maria. I appreciate all that you share with each entry.I do internet in the evenings and your talents help me calm and reflect ( and laugh) as closure to another day.
    Lenore reminds me of Maverick. If there was one scrap of fabric(paper or cloth)on the floor he had to lay on it!

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