New Receipts for 2013

I first put up a photo of the new receipt, but it was really really dull and I thought some of you might just completely skip over this blog post (which you may decide to do anyway) so I put up this photo of the donkeys from my studio instead

A couple of months ago my bookkeeper Anne, told me that New York State had changed some tax laws and I now had to keep receipts (I have to say to myself “i” before “e” except after “c” every time I type that word) with the customers name and address  for all of my business transactions.  Until then I just kept  the envelope the customer sent the check in or paypal receipt.  But now we needed to know exactly where someone was from in New York State to charge the correct county and state tax.  (I don’t have lots of NY customers, and so don’t charge them  sales tax  (although I pay it, let it be known NYS) except when I have an local show.

Up till now I’ve been using a cash receipt book for cash and check customers (paypal does this automatically).  You know, the old fashion kind with a white, pink and yellow copy, the kind of book someone might rip out the  white copy of and stick it on a metal spike and give the yellow copy to the customer.  So today, being that I had shipping to do and receipts to write I decided to start the new year with a new and more efficient receipt.  It’s not fancy or colorful or even pretty but it’s a beginning.  I may dress it up as time goes by, but I’ve spent enough time on it this morning already and I’m dying to get into my studio and sew together the back of my quilt.

So if you send me a check in the mail, you can expect one of my efficient but not so attractive receipts in with your package.  I know this is pretty boring stuff, but I was kinda excited about finally making those new receipts and wanted to share, and after all, it’s part of the business.

Here it is, my new receipt

8 thoughts on “New Receipts for 2013

  1. I’ve always found NY taxes confusing! My daughter went to college in NY and had to pay resident taxes, then get reimbursed by our home state at the time.

    The donkeys are a great draw (as are sheep, dogs, etc.) to get people reading! Even if it’s the small minutiae of business, it’s part of what you do and still worth reading about! And who knew ~ donkeys sniff like dogs do!!

    P.S. I repeat “i before e except after c” all the time, as well as some other “helpful sayings” from childhood. The spaces in a musical staff are FACE and the lines are Every Good Boy Does Fine. I know there are other versions of those, but these are what I learned and still use!

  2. All the bookkeeping is necessary to success so I applaud you for getting this done. Simple is good.
    LOVE the donkey photo. So nice you have that view from your studio, although, I fear I would be donkey/sheep/dog watching all day.

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