Quilt for a Good Man (and his dog)

Quilt for a Good Man (and his dog)

The story goes that a certain man and his dog have claimed the family quilt and his wife didn’t  get to use it anymore.   But he’s a good man, so his wife asked me to make another quilt for her husband and his beloved dog so  she could have the other quilt back.  She sent me some of his old clothes (I’m assuming they were old) and I added some denim, wool and a streaming piece and came up with  Quilt for a Good Man (and his dog).

Back of Quilt for a Good Man

After sewing the back and batting and front together, leaving an opening to turn it inside in, I stitched the opening and ironed the edges.  Then hung it and tied it with red yarn.  I knew it had to be red yarn, an image of it came to my mind as I opened my studio door this morning.  I sat with the idea quietly for a few minutes then knew it was right.


As I trimmed the yarn the pieces fell in a line under the quilt.  Scraps from the process giving a clue about what went on in my studio today.

The last thing I did was stitch the title of the quilt, my initials and the date.   I think this story will have a happy ending.


11 thoughts on “Quilt for a Good Man (and his dog)

  1. It’s a very nice “manly” quilt. I’m sure the good man and his dog will enjoy it for many years to come.

  2. Each of your posts, Maria, is a story unto itself. You are making a collection of short stories, even if you don’t make them into a book. I love that.

    Also love this quilt and the reason behind it. Nice job.

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