Red and Lenore’s Bandanna Potholders

Bandanna Potholders

I got 8 potholders out of Red and Lenore’s bandana’s from their last visit to the groomer.    They It’s all the red and white polka dots.   I’ll drop these off at Kim’s on Monday to assemble then I’ll finish them off next week.  Three are already sold, so there’s 5 left.  The potholders are Sold Out.    If you’re interested in any, they’re $15 + $4 shipping for one, $5 for  two or more.   Just email me here or at [email protected]

Lenore was good enough to model one of the bandanna’s for me in my studio this morning.

7 thoughts on “Red and Lenore’s Bandanna Potholders

  1. These look really nice! The polka dots are a cheerful addition and I bet you’ll sell them all really quickly! It’s such fun to see your work here.

  2. Maria,
    This is funny. I’ve been saving my dog’s groomers bandannas for years and started a quilt with them. Everytime she goes for her haircut, I get a new one. They are usually themed with the season – summer bumblebees, holiday snowmen, shamrocks, etc. I usually collect a pile and then sew them on. I haven’t decided just how big this quilt will be, but it’s quite nice right now! I was so pleased to see you doing the same thing!


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