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Heart Potholder

I was thinking about how, for the past year or so I’ve been using hearts in my work.  There was a point in my life where I wouldn’t have dreamed of using, what I thought of as, a  cliche.  But the symbol of the heart is a cliche for a reason, because it works  so well, in conveying the expression of love.

I was  also thinking of Valentines Day, a holiday I used to dismiss as excessive and meaningless, but now see as probably the most important of holidays.  After all, it’s a holiday about love and what’s more important than that.

So last night I was thinking of the very simple and powerful symbol of the heart and of my potholders.   I kept thinking, texture and bulk.  This morning in my studio, this is what happened.  I reached into my garbage pail of fabric scraps and picking through them placed them in a heap on a piece of black and white checkered fabric.  Then I stitched a heart over the scraps, pushing the loose ends down as worked.  I took my small scissors and cut around the mess of scraps following the stitching, creating the heart shape.

Unsure, I took it into the house to see what Jon thought.  He scooped it up and started taking pictures of it and posted it on his blog.   So here it is, in it’s first experimental stage, a heart pieced together with scraps to makes a whole.  Let me know what you think.

48 thoughts on “Heart of Scraps

  1. I love it. The heart is so cheery and full of color. You are incredibly creative! The heart really stands out on the checkered background. I’d buy one, but I’m still looking for one with that great little girl too. You say it is made of scraps? The world should learn to make use of scraps so that we recycle in positive, creative ways.
    Thanks for pointing us in that direction.
    You’ve created a useful and meaningful Valentine’s gift.
    Enjoy the day, and keep warm.

  2. I love it! You are so creative, Maria. I really like that it represents love of the environment, too. Recycling your scraps is really putting the message out there.

  3. I think it’s quite lovely and eye catching. I’m not into sentimental things but I would happily put this heart in my home.

  4. I love it Maria! It’s so full of texture and feeling ~ just like a real heart would be. This is beautiful & I hope you make more. What a perfect Valentines Day idea!

  5. It’s gorgeous Maria. It’s perfect. With the checkerboard background, the heart doesn’t appear ‘stranded’ but perfectly in tune. Love it.

  6. I can’t type the word LOVE big enough to show how much I love this potholder! It is beautiful, and shows so well against the black-and-white check! This would make a smashing little pillow. If this is not sold, let’s talk!

  7. Hi Maria,
    I had the pleasure of meeting you at the little book store in Northern Ca, it blessed my heart to meet both you and Jon in person. I just love your new heart creation. How symbolic that your fabric heart gets pieced together from the scraps you were probably discarding. I think it is a picture of so many of us. God pieces together the scraps of our life to make a beautiful tapestry. If we have eyes to see it. I know you and Jon see the tapestry of your lives and are so gracious to share it with all of us. Our life is richer because you share your heart creations, thoughts dreams and desires and most of all your love with us. Is it for sale?

  8. I think this is a lovely idea. I would like to have one so if you are keeping a list of people who would like to have one of these, please put me on it! Food/cooking can be such an expression of love – from the heart so it is quite a perfect image for a potholder – hmmm….holding a person in your heart….:)

  9. What a beautiful piece Maria! And, how meaningful, as so many of our hearts are pulled together scraps from our lives that make a heart whole! You have opened up a whole new design and feel for your pot holders, and thought holders, as the shapes you can do with this technique are endless. I’m looking forward, as always, to see what comes next!

  10. I love it! I am also seeing these as a stack of them to use as coasters….possibly made a bit smaller for that purpose. I would like to purchase a heart!

  11. Love this, Maria, and I love the symbolism as well – gathering up the fragments to stitch into a whole heart that still shows its tatters. If you’re making these to sell please put me on the list. Thanks.

  12. Maria, I love your heart potholder. It seems like your work just gets better and better. Thanks for sharing your art and your thoughts with us! Sincerely, Sue

  13. How perfect. I think when we are born our hearts are whole but as life intrudes (we grow older) that whole heart often ends up broken in pieces. Your heart tells the story of a heart often broken and the person who reached into that pail of broken pieces and put the heart back together again. I think its what we all yearn for – that healing of our broken heart and the mending of it and being made whole.

    I love your work Maria. It speaks to me (and I’m sure many others) in so many ways.

  14. Cliche away;
    Love won’t mind.
    It’s all in the heart
    For there you’ll find
    the essence
    the reason
    for being alive.
    From my heart to yours,
    This sweet creation.
    From trash to treasure
    A loving imagination.

  15. Breathtaking! You are really hitting your stride as a truly gifted artist.

    There is a lot you could do with this technique. If you can level them out, I can see placemats, table runners, etc. Also appliques to pillows and your other soft art.

    Wow and double-wow. Great work, Maria!

  16. “A heart pieced together with scraps to make a whole” !!! Maria, not only are you making potholders! with these words, they could be the lines of a folk song. To think that last night, this thought entered your head, entered you in your dreams, and lifted your hands to your scrap pile this morning to create Heart Potholders! So happy you have shared this!

  17. And P.S. I have looked on your gallery posting, – they are not there yet, but I know I am but one of many that would love to give your heart potholders to loved ones, – ‘heart’ off the press of Maria Wulf!

  18. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. The celebration of love in our world. I LOVE the tribute you’ve created Maria.

  19. Good morning Maria,
    Love, love the heart potholders! Would you please add my name to the list of buyers?
    Thank you.

  20. I LOVE the idea, Maria…so very creative! Please add me to the list… you need to make more of these to order;)! I also love the pillow idea…maybe something very simple like 3-4 hearts (so the hearts stand out) on a big, nice pillow? You are so very creative!! I love Jon’s picture of your heart, also, with the light shining through the back:)

  21. I have always loved Valentines Day, cliche though it may be, it just feels right to let those you love know your love a little louder on February 14. I love your new heart pot holder and would like to be on your list of buyers. Thanks for your work and your blog, you’re genuine!

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