The Essence of Cat

Flo moves around all day.  I watch her out my Studio window running from the barn to the woodshed to the pasture.  I hardly ever see Minnie, except when it’s time to eat.  Flo hung around outside my window for a while, checking things out.  I love the soft shape of her through my window,  seems like the essence of cat.

7 thoughts on “The Essence of Cat

  1. The old window glass makes Flo angelic also. How nice to have her back. I’m sorry but this just makes me wish Mother’s angel would appear.

  2. I like your thoughts about Mother ~ I believe she’s where she wants to be as well. And perhaps she left so that Flo would have a space in your barn and in your life ….. but the one does not replace the other. It’s a new friend to love, and you will remember the old one through her.

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