Piecing it back together

Now I’m fishing around in my scrap bucket (aka garbage pail)  for the good stuff.  I reached down to the bottom, churning it up.  Like those Italian ices  in the wax cups, with all the sugar at the bottom, I know there’s some colorful scraps under the left overs from the  Quilt for a Good Man.  Pinks reds and flowered prints.

It’s no accident that  I’m  listening to The Blues on Pandora, every song about a broken heart.

I was worried it would feel like factory work, making so many of the same potholders, but they’re not the same.  Each one is so different. And every time I lay down the scraps on a piece of fabric it’s like the first time.  Holding the scraps together with my stitches, shaping the heart with my scissors, how can it not be cathartic.


5 thoughts on “Piecing it back together

  1. It’s so wonderful to read your reaction. It’s like you are putting a little bit of your heart(and love) into each one of them. Each person who receives one will treasure it more knowing this. Giving away a part of our heart only expands it and makes more room.

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