Let the Question Open the Door

It’s been a while since I made a streaming pillow, so this morning I looked and saw that Pat was next on my list.    In her email, Pat mentioned that she was considering the next chapter in her life.

When I make a piece that someone has asked for, I know that I need to be able to connect with them or what they are asking for, if the piece is going to work.   Pat wasn’t specific, she really just wanted a pillow, but the few words she wrote were just enough to pull up the part of me that is always looking for the next step.  The next issue to deal with, the next creative move.

Specifically I was thinking of the fear that comes when ever I have some success.  This week it was the heart potholders.  I had no idea so many people would want one and honestly, all those emails from people asking for them, scared the shit out of me.  “Why?”  Nancy asked me over tea on Tuesday morning.  I couldn’t answer her, I don’t know what I’m afraid of.  I know it’s a good thing, so why the fear?   Nancy suggested tapping on it.  Good idea, tapping works for me.  I’m ready to let go of the fear that comes when something good happens. That will be my mantra as I tap the different points on my body to release the stuck energy.   But here it is Friday and I still haven’t tried to tap that old fear away.  I have good excuses, lots of potholders to make, I’m too tired, I have to feed the animals, etc. etc. I guess there’s something comfortable in the familiar, even if it’s painful.  As I recently heard a life long believer in Hell say, “When you believe in Hell your whole life, it’s hard to give it up.”

So this is where I went to connect with Pat, in her desire to move on, and this is the pillow that came out of it.  I’m not quite sure how it all worked, but I think it did.


Let the Question Open the Door
I Know what My Heart Wants
Losing My Faith in fear
My Song is unique and Powerful

15 thoughts on “Let the Question Open the Door

  1. Maria,

    I received this fortune in a cookie and put it up on my fridge:

    Fear is just excitement in need of an attitude adjustment.



  2. Maria, you write the greatest phrases in your streaming work. They have a koan-like quality; I like to use them as affirmations for my own “growth” meditations. They open me up. Thank you!

  3. Maria, This is beautiful. Her boots are so cool!
    The song in this piece is for both you and Pat to share. 🙂

  4. Maria, I think many artists prefer not to work under pressure. It takes the pleasure of creativity away for one thing but meeting deadlines is stressful more for the stress we set up within ourselves than from other people.
    How nice that people have responded so warmly. You’ll manage. It’s that initial ‘hit’ that comes in as stressful. Once you get working, you’ll be on a roll.
    SandyP in Ontario, Canada

  5. It’s really nice Maria! Pat will love it I’m sure. So much detail ~ it looks like it was a lot of work!! Labor of love I bet.

    Don’t be afraid of the number of orders you get for your heart potholders ~ it’s an affirmation of a beautiful idea that you wanted to share! A very special tribute to your creativity!!

  6. what wonderful words, Maria! so inspirational for Pat and all of us. Thank you!
    Also loved all your heartfelt heart potholders…lovely creations. Loved the gingham!

  7. Marvelous, Magical Maria,

    Do not let your fear drown your voice. You are wise, warm, funny, and humble woman. Your art allows others to hear their inner voices. Don’t let fear of your success take that away from you. I treasure your pillow, and show it to everyone I know. It’s my affirmation pillow. I received it at a difficult time, and it gives me strength, everytime I look at it. This pillow will do the same for Pat. ANd the potholders are beautiful. Hearts are beautiful, simple and touch us in our vulnerable parts. We are all shattered, tatterred, scaps, but love, puts us back together.

  8. How wonderful! I love it and you hit the nail on the head, Maria! I, too, fear when something seems to go really right – and I don’t know why. I used to paint and do pottery and sew – and did good things but the first hint of success and I would become afraid and stop. Too many other things demanding my time (because I let them) was my excuse but it was really fear. This is so perfect! Thank you – I can’t wait to see it!


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